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Recipes and Preserving

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I'm not a huge fan of cooking or food to be honest, but when I'm using something I grew myself or when I'm able to replace a store bought item like spaghetti sauce or preserve some summer flavors for use in winter; that's something I get excited about. Any recipes here are my own or will post credit where credit is due.

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Hello VEGheads!! Where are all my mason jar lovers, my die hard canners and my farm house decorators. I'm very excited to announce an innovative mason jar accessory created by a wife and husband duo, Kate and Bryce. They liked a few of my canning photos on Instagram. I...

For all my Pinterest readers... I put the recipe at the top for you. You're welcome.

I'm so excited to be sharing this with you. Last year was the first time I made shelf stable lemonade and it is now a tradition I will forever do. With Spring right around the corner yo...

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