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Welcome Back VEGheads!

Please enjoy my advertisement free blog. Note: some links may be affiliations meaning I get a small portion of earnings if you click through and make a purchase. I will always say if the link is affiliated or not.

Hello VEGheads, you may have been here the whole time, but I did take a hiatus.

Let's start with May 2019, May is the busiest time of year for my work, I simply didn't have the capacity to run my new blog and work the crazy schedule I had. Topics for the blog also felt strained because any project I wanted to write on I had told myself that I first needed to grow fresh rather than write using previous experience. Also told myself that I needed to take high quality photos during the process. Now I've allowed myself so much more grace since then. Some photos may be from my cellphone, but I will continue not using photos not taken myself. So I will be dusting off my camera to provide high quality photos once again. Winter is always a tough time as well, because my work gets super slow and finances become tighter and the garden more of less takes care of itself.

That bring us to the year of 2020. The photo above is a representation of the neglect that ensued over the winter. It was taken March 8, 2020. Because of this blog, I decided to focus aesthetically on building up my yard. Admittedly, I was successful. The reason I was not blogging however was because my work got so busy and everything seemed so uncertain at the time that I just marked the blog as not a priority. I continued paying for the website because I knew it was something that I would get back to.

The photo to the left is what my backyard looked like July 2021. If you follow me on Instagram I documented the journey of my backyard when the awning above our apartment fell into our backyard. Our landlord sent a crew of people in to redo the awning without notice. Because the scaffolding was up in our backyard for over a month during July, nearly all but the perennials died. This was the best our yard had looked. We had made a patio for our barbeque, laid sod, hung up these lights and even put bark around the garden bed.

The good news is that my passion for gardening hasn't dwindled and I have two years of blogging ideas built up in my brain. You can expect weekly posts every Friday at 11:30am PST. Feel free to subscribe to the email. You'll only get an email once a week about new blog posts.

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