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Mason Jar's New Best Friend!!

Hello VEGheads!! Where are all my mason jar lovers, my die hard canners and my farm house decorators. I'm very excited to announce an innovative mason jar accessory created by a wife and husband duo, Kate and Bryce. They liked a few of my canning photos on Instagram. I checked out their page. Then checked the link on their bio, a kickstarter. I already had canned lemonade and thought it was brilliant to be able to pop the top and actually have a spout to pour, mess free. I backed it, as soon as it went live. They got fully funded in only 14 hours!


Their story;

Her oldest son was a pancake lover. Naturally, they went through a lot of syrup. She started making her own, using a recipe her Mother in law taught her, who also gifted her a vintage syrup dispenser. She used it all the time to store and pour her homemade syrups. Until she chipped the edge while washing it. She searched the internet for a replacement, but couldn't find one. She thought maybe they might have a similar design for mason jars... but they found nothing. So her husband and her decided to use 3D printing to develop a handled spout for a mason jar. They have gone through so many versions (some in the photo above), and one and half years later finally have it manufactured. The Ergo Spout is here and I'm already in love with it.

The Ergo Spout is a ergonomic spout made out of silicone and plastic. Three parts; the spout, lid and gasket make is very easy to disassemble and put in the dishwasher (it's dishwasher safe.) The Ergo Spouts attach to ANY regular mouth mason jar. I only photographed with pints, but would also fit regular mouth quarts, if you are lucky enough to have a regular mouth vintage half-gallon mason jar it will fit on that too!!

How I'm using my Ergo Spouts.

A batch of unset jelly bums me out. I have several jars of unset Pomegranate Jelly from a batch in December that have been labeled Pom Syrup now, because my mom said so. So we just ran with it.

I am not someone who owns a gravy dish. I do have a lot of mason jars though and the Ergo Spout makes is so easy to pass around the table and pour. (Yes, the jar is covering a very burnt steak)

All those delicious homegrown garden salads just got a brand new partner. Homegrown salad meet homemade dressings. Photographed below is a lettuce/spinach salad with a hard boil egg from my parents chickens, grated carrots and dill sprinkled through out. The dressing is a apple cider recipe I found on Pinterest.

I'm hoping this summer that I may home make some ketchup and barbecue sauces. Store bought ketchup gives me heartburn. If you have any recipes send them to me please.

You can get your regular mouth Ergo Spout here:*

COUPON CODE: LUCKY17 gets you 17% off during the month of March.

They are working on the Wide mouth kickstarter campaign and hope to start taking pre orders for these as well.

With all this excitement and the journey I have been following, I reached out to Kate in late October, shortly after I had started my blog and asked if they would be working with bloggers. She said yes!! So you can check out and order the Ergo Spout from my affiliate link. It doesn't change anything on your end, but I get a small commission for each order placed. I really appreciate you using MY link to order your spout.

*Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. This helps me keep my blog virtually add free. I will never recommend anything I haven't already used myself.

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