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How I Still Garden When It's Raining

We've had rain for most of the week. (If I could show the mid west what Californian's consider rain, you would have a good laugh), but we have had very high winds as well. With all this nasty weather it leaves gardeners trying to garden indoors. Here's a list of things that I do when it's nasty outside.


1. Daydream

I like to sip some tea and daydream of my Spring/ Summer garden. I usually start with my own seed collection and then look through seed catalogs that I already skimmed and carefully read variety descriptions to see if there is something that I feel is missing from my garden. The two physical catalogs that I have are Burpee and The Natural Gardening Company. I also like to Instagram to see what other people have growing on. I follow many Australian pages because when we're in winter and not much is happening, they are in full summer harvest mode. Some of my favorite Australian gardengrams to follow are @easycomeeasygrow @thecheekygardener @the.little.gardeners @rachm073

2. Organize

I like to take time to organize my seed box and list everything down that I have on a small piece of paper that I fold up and keep in my wallet, that way when I'm out shopping for new seeds, I make sure I don't double up on varieties I already have. You can read about how I organize my seeds here ->

3. Plan

Usually after steps one and two I begin to plan my garden. This usually includes me drawing out my garden plans based on the space I have which is mostly my 4x8 garden bed. Lately I've noticed that I am going through canning recipe books and such to plan my garden. My husband and I want to make sure this year that we grow everything we need to make home made salsa. Last year, with the surplus of tomatoes I made a batch, but had to run to the store for lime juice, cilantro and jalapenos.

4. Starting Seeds

Usually, but not always. I plan my garden before I sow seeds. Sometimes, I will start seeds because it's a new variety that I want to make sure ends up in my garden. Starting seeds at the beginning of a storm is great they should be ready to transplant shortly after the storm comes out.

5. Canning

Depending on the time of year the rain comes, I may or may not have things to can. This time of year I've done a lot of lemonade canning, read about it here -> Next Winter, I'm hoping to can some mandarins as well.

My sister in law tightening the canning rings on the jars before entering the canner

6. Garden

If your confused by this last one. Yes, on a last resort, if I'm not otherwise preoccupied I still go out to my garden (I use the cinder-blocks to stand on) during breaks in the weather. It's a good time to re-secure plants that may have toppled over from wind or rain. Also weeds are much easier to pull now that their roots are softened. If your lucky enough to have a greenhouse like my mother, I'd definitely be gardening inside with a cup of hot tea.

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