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Gardener’s Kitchen Gadgets: Tupperware

Please enjoy my advertisement free blog. Note: some links may be affiliations meaning I get a small portion of earnings if you click through and make a purchase. I will always say if the link is affiliated or not.

Hello VEGheads! Although I have my favorite garden tools... not all of them are actually for the garden. As a gardener who grows her own food, it is worthwhile to mention my favorite kitchen items for gardeners.

Surprisingly, I have a number of kitchen gadgets that are because of my garden. I could do an entire post on canning items alone. Most recently I noticed how many of my gardening kitchen items from the company Tupperware. I will preface that I am not a consultant or affiliated in any way. But I do support the woman from whom I purchase and it is her link* I will be providing. I truly love and use all them items I mentioning (trust me I could write much more of the items that simply take up space.) This blog could also be a great place to get inspiration on items you could use and get elsewhere. Amazon offers many of these at a significant price difference.

First I'll mention is one of my absolute favorite items. These FridgeSmart containers* keep produce good for so much longer. I have used them for carrots, zucchini, green onions, etc. The one that impresses me the most is how long lettuce keeps. Because lettuce cannot be preserved by other means, it must be eaten fresh. Usually lettuce would last about 2-3 days. My lettuce stays nice and fresh for about 10 days now depending on the variety.

They make it very user friendly by providing a picture code on which setting is best for each item of produce. After finding the best setting simply slide the top air flow slide to the proper setting and place in the fridge. It also includes which produce should not be refrigerated.

Speaking of lettuce! The salad spinner is one of those things that I didn’t know I needed, until my mother purchased it for me. What a game changer! I harvest straight into the strainer, wash in the strainer, give a whirl and tah-dah no soggy lettuce. I use it for all kinds of produce also. Herbs, beans, peas, berries, etc. It also has additional tops so that you can just transport or store the salad in the same container. It also has a small container for dressing. This item is currently unavailable online, but similar produces exist pretty much anywhere kitchen items are sold.

If you have an herb garden, you need these spice containers*. I have reused old spice containers, but I love the uniform look and the size of these! Perfect, perfect, perfect for storing herbs out of your garden. I personally like to dry my herbs, these containers make it easy for later use. I have also been into making my own seasoned salts as of late. There is so much more you can do, tea mixes, pepper flakes, chili powder, mixing up your own spices or even storing seeds you have collected for the next season!

The photo above shows another little seasoning shaker that I got from Tupperware. Right now I have dried lemon peel in it. I had purchased this before finding the larger ones and they no longer manufacture these little guys. From left to right: rosemary salt, dried oregano leaves, lemon peel powder, sesame seeds.

This last one is more of a guilty pleasure and not necessarily just for gardeners. Some of my favorite meals are made solely from the garden. Therefore I tend to be very happy with salads and omelets! This Microwave Breakfast Maker Set* makes it super easy to have a garden fresh omelet in literal minutes. Just add the eggs and your veggies, microwave for a few minutes and bam! breakfast. I eat it straight out of the container and then pop it right into the dishwasher. No pan to clean. It also has an insert that makes eggs perfect for egg sandwiches, and comes with a recipe for french toast, but I almost solely use it for quick omelets. This omelet contained 2 eggs and only took me 7 minutes to harvest the produce, wash, cut and microwave for 1.5 minutes. Incredible!

Hope you were inspired by this post to make your garden to table experience a little bit better, and just a reminder, you absouletly can find products that are very similar and half the cost on Amazon or in store.

Tupperware does makes some other great products that I use as well and others that I would like to try still like to try. These are the items that I currently use in conjunction with what I harvest from my garden. I will update this list should I find any other items. Feel free to let me know if you have any favorite kitchen gadgets or if you purchased any based on my recommendations and tag me on any of my socials.

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*None of these links are affiliate or sponsored in anyway I am not getting any points or rewards, however clicking through and making a purchase will support Nina Neece. I decided to write this blog because I recently harvested a bunch of lettuce and used two products that I love and thought I would share will all of you.

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