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Plants that I Don't Mention

Hello VEGheads! While I'm all for growing food, I love growing edibles and always will. When it comes to gardening a vegetable garden is always what first comes to my mind. However, this year I am working on growing some flowers just for looks. I have grown Nasturtiums, Marigolds and Zinnas all of which have purpose and also are in fact edible. The plants that I mention in this post are not my main priority and I sometimes neglect these plants, because maybe, I'm just less excited about them. So here are the 6 plants I currently have that I don't talk about.


I have an aloe plant... if you have an aloe plant you can see why I probably don't mention it. It's sad... REALLY sad. I don't know what's wrong with it. It was a gross olive color at first. I thought it was transplant shock. Then we got a lot of rain, I thought it got too much water. So I moved it under the awning. Now I don't know... it's diseased or in the wrong soil or something.

I got this Lavender plant around the end on November and it’s not happy. I keep seeing lavender everywhere big beautiful bushes and this is mine. I need to trim of the dead stuff and get it into a bigger pot. Hit it with some Soil Diva to make it come to life. It’s alive, but it’s not living. It desperately needs to be transplanted. I have many plants desperately needing transplants.

My uncle also gardens (our family is full of them) He's got a lot of succulents. And he's super into the art of bonsai and told me that you can use an Elephant Jade to make a short term bonsai tree. Only around 7 years to start the bonsai process, instead of 20. This is the progress so far. I basically do nothing to it. It looks alright. Every now and then I ask if it's time to start trimming and he always just tells me to leave it be. I don't mention this plant because it doesn't do much, it's not that exciting...yet.

This little guy is a Great Sequoia we purchased from the Yosemite National Park gift shop in December and put him in the little pot for now. He’s a slow grower, we will transplant him into a larger pot soon. Originally, my husband was thinking we may try to bonsai this tree. I was thinking a living Christmas tree. It wouldn't be the cutest tree, but it would be mine.

Air plants have become my most recent amazement. I love how crazy they look and they fascinate me. They're so different than other plants. The Houston Purple (farthest back) is one that I got for my birthday and she’s almost fully bloomed! I really would like to get a xerographica because they are just big and beautiful. I got all mine from The Greenery and they carry the air plant food too! The reason I haven't mentioned these before is because they are so new to me. I don't know much about them yet. I will probably dedicate a blog to them when I figure it out.

These are currently the only house plants that I have. I used to have a Chinese Evergreen and a lucky bamboo but for some reason both just got sick and died when we moved to our new apartment. Since then I’ve been a little worried about getting house plants, although I think I might like to have a hostas.

I was sent 5 Arabica coffee bean trees from a twitter gardening friend around October. They arrived in this sandwich baggy and that is where they have stayed. Only because I know nothing about growing coffee. I have been searching for information (not vigorously enough) on growing these in Zone 9 and in an apartment/containers. I've read that they can be kept as houseplants over winter which is why I haven't been bothered with how long they have been sitting next to my AeroGarden. They don't seem to be bothered by their current situation. No new growth has appeared either. I am very excited to have these coffee bean plants and as soon I get them to a permanent location I will begin talking about them more.

I hope you enjoyed learning about some of the other gardening stuff I have, a little more behind the scenes. If you have any advice to give me on ANY of the plants mention above please let me know.

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