Growing Food

Sowing seeds where it began

This is where I started. Dirt and seeds, both literally and metaphorically. Growing your own food is extremely rewarding. You can get more out of it that just baskets full of tomatoes. Even if you don't think you can grow anything. It's not all #harvesthauls and #smelltheroses Humor yourself and go check out my gardening fails.

Read more about my efforts in growing food to the right. Feel free to ask me questions or give me advice. Or just send me over your best garden puns.

Hello VEGheads, 

     I'm Very Excited to be sharing my secrets to what I do to prevent transplant shock. I very rarely d...

Hello VEGheads, 

     So far it has been true. April has already been very showery, meaning May flowers are on their way....

Hello VEGheads! While I'm all for growing food, I love growing edibles and always will. When it comes to gardening a veg...

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