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Hello VEGheads,

Are you thinking about growing carrots? Are carrots your plant that you simply can not grow? (Every gardeners has one, I have a few) I have grown carrots every year; Every year I get better and better carrots. I typically like to plant them as a fall cro...

We've had rain for most of the week. (If I could show the mid west what Californian's consider rain, you would have a good laugh), but we have had very high winds as well. With all this nasty weather it leaves gardeners trying to garden indoors. Here's a list of things...

Any gardener has a seed collection. I have kept mine in a kitchen drawer. Then when that became invasive. And at the bottom of the bag was a bunch of seeds, some I could identify (corn). Others were a little harder, (spaghetti squash or zucchini) And further more down...

While January is not a major gardening month it's time to start getting excited about what to grow in the coming season. My California garden still has a lot of life going on and a new addition that will allow me to grow any where any time.

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