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The Very
Excited Gardener

Welcome VEGheads, have a look around and get excited about all things gardening.


The Very Excited Gardener

I couldn't have imagined it to become what it is...

          It really all started with a newspaper insert. My boyfriend at the time, my now husband, and I were in our first home; it was 2013. The drought in California was just beginning to become severe. The article was talking about the stresses on the agriculture in the valley and that people should expect produce prices to TRIPLE. As it was we really couldn't afford fresh produce, so I wanted to grow my own food. 

          You can read all about what I learned in my first year gardening in my blog.

What you'll find here

Pick what you want, but you'll probably get to the rest.

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Recipes and Preserving

I'm not a huge fan of cooking or food to be honest, but when I'm using something I grew myself or when I'm able to replace a store bought item like spaghetti sauce or preserve some summer flavors for use in winter; that's something I get excited about.


Growing Food

Growing your own food is extremely rewarding. In more than just getting tomatoes. Even if you think you can not keep anything alive. Humor yourself and go check out my gardening fails.

Preserving Lemons.JPG


I live in an apartment, while that means I cannot have a homestead, it does not mean I cannot homestead. So if you would like to follow along with my endeavors you can find that here.

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